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Digital Paradymes About Us

Welcome to Digital Paradymes, LLC

Digital Paradymes, LLC is home to several websites. Please feel welcome to check them out! We can help you set up a presence on the web as well. Contact us at info(at)DigitalParadymes.com for more information.

About the company:

Digital Paradymes was founded as a general-purpose company in 1997. Professional development was kept to a minimum for the next few years as the fledgling company dabbled in a number of fields. These fields included photography, technical resources, graphic design, and website design. In 2010. we unveiled our Pictures of 1000 Words line of products and this artwork was added to the stable of resources represented by Digital Paradymes. In 2013, Digital Paradymes was organized into an LLC, and Pictures in Scriptures was added to our lineup as a special series of Pictures of 1000 Words art, with a dedicated focus on inspirational themes.

Currently, the following branches of our company are available from here:

  • Photographic.Paradymes (photographic.paradymes.com)
    This is a photography site. Check it out for a wide range of photographic images. Occasionally we will offer a free desktop wallpaper!
  • Pictures of 1000 Words (PicturesOf1000Words.com)
    Intriguing art – pictures made from thousands of words! Check it out…
  • Pictures in Scriptures (PicturesinScriptures.com)
    This is actually a specialized collection of art from Pictures of 1000 Words, with noticably inspirational overtones
  • The EGGallery (TheEGGallery.com)
    Featuring the work of eggshell artist Dave Teachout

If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to us at info(at)digitalparadymes.com